Selling Tips

Here are some things you can do to help sell your house.

Tips and Tricks To Selling Your Home

1) Check Your Agent’s Online Marketing Campaigns.
With over 90% of homebuyers starting their house search online, if your home does not shine out above the rest, you won’t get many showings, as your online listings aren’t compelling. What buyers like to see are pictures and lots of them. Also video is becoming more popular in recent years. Many studies have shown that a listing with more than six photos gets twice the views as those with less.

2) YouTube Personal Video Tour.
Tell potential buyers how great your home and neighborhood is with a YouTube video tour. Let them know what you love about your home and the nearby amenities such as your local coffee shop or Sunday morning brunch spot. Buyers love it when they can visualize themselves living a great life there also. Today it is as much about selling a lifestyle, as it is a house.

3) Enlist The Help Of Your Neighbors.
Hold an open house and invite your neighbors so that it feels more like a block party than an open house. This way in a casual fun environment your neighbors can bring along their friends that they would love to have as neighbors and also sell the neighborhood to prospective buyers.

4) Use The leverage of Facebook.
Facebook is huge with over 95 million users in the US alone. If you have 100 friends and they each have 100 friends, you can get great word of mouth advertising for your home.

5) Condition Is King.
To ensure your home sticks out as an individual homeowner, the best way is its condition. Consider having a home inspection completed in advance of listing your home, and get as many of the repairs the inspector brings to your attention done as you can. Most buyers love homes that are “move in ready” so it’s a major selling point to be able to advertise this. Also make sure you go through your whole home and write a list of all the little things that need attention, such as loose door handles or chipped paint.

6) Make Showing Your Home Easy.
It may sound obvious but homes that cannot be shown don’t get sold. Don’t make it difficult for buyers agents to get their clients into your home. Having to schedule by appointment is ok however don’t insist on having to schedule way in advance. Remember that many buyers also have busy schedules so allowing your home to be shown in the early evening or morning is a big plus with the busy family lifestyles of many families.

7) Price Your Home To Sell, Not Sit.
With the use of the Internet, modern buyers are very educated about the recent sales of similar homes in their neighborhood. Remember that the buyer’s agent is also going to use similar homes as yours when they produce a comparable market analysis (CMA) for their clients. The homes that are slightly below what comparable homes sold for within the last 30-90 days depending on local market conditions will get your more showings and even multiple offers if there is a low supply of homes.

8) De-personalize.
Buyers want to visualize your house as there’s, and it’s difficult for them to do this with all your personal effects over shadowing the house. Remove family photos, religious décor and kitschy memorabilia. You want buyers to remember your home because of its features and not the six-foot star wars figure in the family room.

9) De-clutter.
Too much clutter, or furniture in a room makes it harder to sell. Remove anything that is sitting on a counter, table or other flat surface. Also with closets, anything that you have not worn in the last six months needs to be packed and go into storage. You should be able to see some of the wall between the clothes as you want the buyers to be impressed with how large the closets are, not over crowded. Also account for seasonal weather conditions if you live in part of the country where this is a factor.

10) Listen to your agent.
Make sure you are using an experienced LOCAL agent to list your home, as market knowledge is essential. Listen to their recommendations from the start and follow the advice they give to ensure your home sells as quickly as possible and at the best possible price.

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