Eight important things, every renter should be aware of!

Renters come with various class and life experiences.

Others know the method because they have been tenants for years. For some, it might be the first time that they’re apart from their parents and on their own. Whatever their leasing history may be, here are the lists of things every renter should know.

  1. A tenant’s insurance is needed

Renters should know that worst situations happen and that the landlords insurance policy will not cover their loses. Tenant’s insurance is affordable and worth the money.

2.I do have bills to settle also

The manner I settle those bills is with the lease you pay me. I have listened to your sob stories and sadly there is nothing I can say to the bank that will get them to cut me a break. So I really apologize if it seem like a hard ass, but your lease is due when your lease is due.

  1. I will not attempt and take Advantage of You

It is not in my best interest to do so. Turnover kills my bottom line so I want a long and ordinary landlord/tenant partnership. I will not attain that if I am always trying to get one over on you. If you respect me and my property, I will do the same to you.

  1. If there are things that need to be fixed, inform me immediately

My repair men want to take a break during weekends. If you wait until Friday afternoon to inform me that your air condition is not working, guess what you will not have this weekend.

5.I will repair things so please contact me.

It is in my best interest to repair things and maintain my property. Small repairs if not fixed immediately will at some point add up to huge repairs and big money. I don’t want to spend big money. So contact me about the small things and I will fix them.

       6. Your neighbors don’t want noisy music

Remember when you protested to me about your neighbors noisy music? It is a two way street.

  1. There are problems that are difficult to solve

It may take some time and might not get fixed immediately. We might need to wait on a part. For a number of days, we may need to diagnose and trouble shoot .It may look like we are doing nothing, but we are doing our best to rectify the problem. Just be patient.

  1. Disorder creates more disorder

Those pests you called to complain about, well I checked it and noticed the overflowing trash can and pile of unwashed dishes in the sink. Let’s make sure to clean that first and then we will discuss about the bug situation.


Like I mentioned, renters come with a number of experiences behind them. Others are timorous or shy and don’t want to make a complaint. While some have been deceived by their last landlord. Some have just never been exposed in the real world and not had momma to clean up after them. As a landlord you will encounter all kinds. No matter what type you lease to, see to it they obtain the above list.



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