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Once you sign the leasing agreement with the renter. You allocate the space to them for a period of time and as long as they follow the rules and regulations. Usually the landlord would ask for a security deposit at the first month’s rent., this will cover any damages that they might incur while leasing the property. At the end of the lease, the landlord will return the entire deposit back to the tenant. Once they do, it’s basically is a win-win situation. The renter gets their deposit back and you have a neat and undamaged property. You can then find another renter to lease it.

To avoid any argument between landlord and renter, make sure to explain the leasing agreement to them from the day that they move in and once they move out. Taking pictures of the property is a great way that will serve as a physical proof of what the place looks like before the tenant moved in. Some landlords have different strategies; they will give a list of things that they anticipate to be neat before the renter leaves the property. Discussing everything to them before making a decision on the amount of deposit you will return, it will give them time to repair all damages and clean everything specified on your guidelines.

Examining what appears to be a natural cause and damages that the tenant should be held accountable can be subjective. You need to weigh this in a way that you don’t allow the tenant to oppress you into not charging for actual damages but definitely not to also charge them for something they really cannot prevent from happening.

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