There Is No Excuse For Poor Quality Listing Pictures

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There Is No Excuse For Poor Quality Pictures Or Video No Mater What The Listing Price.

We are currently experiencing a hot real estate market here in Frisco TX. Properties that are listed at the correct price receive offers within the first few days. I myself have listed two properties on a Thursday evening and by the end of the weekend have been discussing with my clients which of the offers we received is the best one for them.

The vast majority of properties listed in Frisco TX are getting offers at or above the listing price however there are some that are not selling and the price is having to be dropped. Some of this is the sellers being greedy and trying to price ahead of the market, a dangerous strategy. Whilst other times it poor marketing of the property by the listing agent.

One area of marketing that CANNOT be overlooked in it’s importance, is the photos and video taken of the home. It does not matter to me if the home is priced at $200,000 or $2,000,000 both should have professional pictures taken of them so the property can be shown in its best light. Showcasing the homes features will attract buyers to come see the home in person. It is very unlikely even in our hot real estate market in Frisco, TX that you will receive offers without the buyers seeing the home in person, so listing photos and video are essential.

Below are some bad pictures taken from our MLS.

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