There are five things to put in mind about inspection!

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Five things to bear in mind about inspection notices

Notating a nice inspection reminders is quite an art. Utilize this list to ensure that you don’t fail to remember something that could sadden your buyer in a long run. Giving time to do things accurately up front will spare you extreme headaches before and after closing.

If you want to download this list as a printable PDF, scroll to the bottom of the page.

1. Get into detail

Describing the situation more explicitly, the less likely the seller is to misapprehend and break down. Relate to the inspection record, and put in mind that supplying pictures is often helpful.

2. Ask for a licensed and insured contractor

This is not often required for all repairs; however the last thing you want is the homeowner performing the electrical work or undertaking     same dangerous repairs.

3. Gather Documentation

For all the job done, require receipts or invoices, and on large things like roofing or carpet- require a transferable warranty.

4. Re- Examine

Make sure to conduct a re-examine opportunity for the purchaser or inspector to verify the repairs.

5. Loan for repairs

If you are seeking a loan for repairs, make sure to confirm with the lender that there is a written document. Once the purchaser and seller sign off a loan, if the lender says “no go,”  you will be in a true mess.







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