The Difference between Multifamily and Single Family Homes!

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There are different kinds of investment properties to choose from and you will be the one to decide the type of property you want to manage.A large amount of money is needed if you plan to invest in mufti-family homes like duplex, quadruplex or apartment building. (with multifamily homes, you would need to search for more applicants). While tenants that lease a single family home may occupy the space for a long period of time, decreasing the turnover rate.

Those people that rent an apartment would more likely transfer from one place to the other. Unlike those that prefer to rent a house, they would usually prefer a place with a good neighborhood and a school nearby. If you have multiple units, you need to hire a property manager because you would need to deal with a lot of applicants.

You may receive complaints with single home like leaky roof or anything that needs repair but if you add more units, you are adding more tasks for yourself,  you may need to select from a number of people that are looking for an apartment versus a house, if they won’t stay for a long period of time, they might not take care of  the place unlike those that plans to really rent your house for a couple of years. Every renter differs but there are those that would really stay and as long as they’re doing a great job.

At the end of the day, it will rest on what kind of Landlord you would prefer to be, and the degree of participation you would like to put into your investment. If you’d like to know more about multifamily homes, Bigger Pockets has some good articles to share in order to provide the other side of the story.

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