Property inspection is a great help for landlords, it can save you money!

If you are a landlord, always bear in mind that you are accountable for most anything that happens on your property, even if there’s a property management company. You will held responsible if the tenant got injured because of something you did not fix. In other states, if a renter’s guest got hurt you are accountable as well, as if that person is also your tenant. If a renter begun to use drugs in your rental, you’ll likely be accountable for the cleanup and could penalized you with thousands of dollars.If you’ve appointed a property management company manage your properties, you need to check that they’re doing an efficient inspection both for you and the tenants well being. One of your top concern should be making sure that the property is up to code and secure.  Keeping the property up to code and secure should be your topmost concern. Small problems will not turn into big one for as long as you ensure that inspections are regularly conducted and that the area is safe and a good place to live for the tenants. If for instance there is some sort of illegal activity going on, you would discover it immediately. Even if takes time to conduct property inspections, it can save you money.

Screening tenants is important to be aware of those drug offenders. While not every individual that prepares or use drugs will be in the system, there may be some warnings to display that they are less than outstanding prospects for your rental home. Verify their credit history to make sure that they pay on time and check if they have a criminal record. This will protect you, your rental home and those around it. Savage tenants can be a big problem and you don’t want it to get out of control. While some landlords are more compassionate in the kinds of criminal backgrounds that they’ll make allowances for, sometimes it’s ideal to err on the side of caution.

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