Pets in rental properties!

Many Americans that treat their pets as a part of the family keep their pets at home. One of the things they do when looking for a rental is to see whether the property allows the stay of their little furry family or not. This could be a make or break for some potential tenants.

You may have an easier time being choosy as to the kind of applicants you will consider when you are in a booming rental market. While some things are federally and state regulated so that you may not use it to determine if you’d like the applicant to become your newest tenant, in most cases if the applicant has a pet is not one of them. Damaged properties by the pets can never be avoided. They may tear up carpet, hardwood floors, blinds, and any other number of things. It’s often a good practice to detail out in the lease how many may reside on the property and how much you charge for a pet deposit and, if you choose, pet rent, if you allow pets. This will assist you in solving the costs and repairs that you may need when the tenant moves out while having your built-in bookshelf chewed by his dog named Fido.

In the property, you should know what kind of animals resides there. Some landlords choose to avoid certain breeds, letting them sign waivers upon move in that release the landlord/property manager from any responsibility if the pet should get loose and cause harm or injury to a neighbor or neighbor’s property will be a good idea.


So that you can protect your property, enforcing pet clauses is important. If you decide to allow pets or not, you should explain everything out in the lease that both you and the tenant sign before they transfer in. Make sure they understand the rules for the property so that they cannot claim ignorance later on.

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