Make Your Frisco TX Lease Application Successful

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Make Your Frisco TX Lease Application Successful

Frisco TX Lease

Frisco TX Lease

The lease market in Frisco TX & surrounding areas are hot. Whilst this is a good thing for agents & landlords this also creates a shortage of lease properties & those that are on the market are leasing quickly. With competition for correctly priced, good condition properties being high it is important that you complete the Texas Association of Realtors (“TAR”) Lease Application correctly which will help you improve your chances of your application being successful.

1) Fill Out Your Application Thoroughly

Please fill out your application thoroughly. Fill in every blank and section applicable to you and write as neatly as possible so it’s easy for the person reviewing it to read. The one part that I would leave blank when filling out the application initially is the address information. Make copies of the lease application, keep the original, and then fill out the address blanks when you have found the property you want to lease. If you do not get accepted, then at least you don’t have to refill another long application. Here in Texas it is four pages long and can be tedious to have to fill out over and over.

2) Be Honest

Real Estate agents or landlords are going to verify the information you supply on your application so you are wasting both your time and theirs if you lie on your application.

3) Pay Stubs Or W2’s

Make copies of your last two months of pay stubs and if possible your W2 if asked for.

4) Identification

Make copies of your driver license and social security card.

5) Have All Paperwork Ready

Successful Realtors are busy so they will ask you to have all your paperwork ready before they can take you out to look at lease properties. Lease properties are moving quickly in Frisco, TX & surrounding areas so you want to have everything together before you look so that when you want to apply you can submit the application promptly.

6) Not Perfect Credit Can Be Overcome

If your credit is not perfect which is not unusual in the current financial climate their are things you can do to boost your application. Ask your current landlord or employer to write you a letter of recommendation. A good rental history and stable, verifiable employment can help to offset some credit issues.

The above are just a few tips that I found have proven helpful to my clients in this current hot lease market in the Frisco TX & surrounding areas. If you need assistance with leasing a property or leasing out your current property then please contact me and i will be glad to assist you.

We are Frisco, TX home specialists. If you have any questions about real estate in Frisco, or any neighboring DFW communities, please fill out our contact form, or call 469-556-2393 for assistance.

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