List of things to examine once a tenant moves out!

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When moving out, windows are significant features that you need to include in your checklist.

Once a renter moves out of a rental property, An inspection should be conducted by the landlord to check the condition of the property. Many landlords demand security deposit from tenants. At the end of the leasing agreement, the tenants will have their security deposit back if they haven’t made any damages to the property.



Small holes from nails are usual defects seen on walls of rental properties and might be considered damage if they’re too many. Holes from doorknobs are kinds of real damage. Doors that do not have door stoppers create dented impact on walls. A major repair may also be necessary if wall damage is caused by punching, kicking and incautious furniture moving.


The usual flooring materials used in residential properties are carpet, hardwood, linoleum and stone. Some materials last long than others. The number of person in the property also affects how flooring wears over time. Cleaning the carpet and the sub-floor for strong or obvious pet urine stains and odors are recommended by Bane-Clene Systems, a professional cleaning service. Issues like burns, rips, chemical stains and scratches might need a partial or total replacement of the flooring.



In handling move out inspection, breaks, cracks and chips in glass panes are things to check. Changing a window pane is not a tough job but it needs time, skill and consideration as per Ace Hardware, a home improvement retailer. The wood or aluminum in the window needs examine same with glass. Those windows that got stuck and don’t open or close need the right tools or strength to get them working. Windows that do not open and close as purposely basically pose safety risks.

Fixtures and Appliances

Refrigerators, oven or other appliances that comes with the rental property also need examine. Bathroom, kitchen and light fixtures are usual things that need replacement every few years and should be appropriately maintained.

A proposal from a website called ‘’Rent Law ‘intended to landlord tenant rules, indicates that tenants in order to avoid possible deductions from their deposit, should also do their part like cleaning the bathroom weekly to stop mold and removing to much dirt from refrigerator vents.


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