Getting Your Lease Application To The Top Of The Pile

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Getting Your Lease Application To The Top Of The Pile

Frisco TX Lease Application

Frisco TX Lease Application

The process for leasing a property in Frisco TX is straight forward. Your and your Real Estate Agent find a home you like and submit the four page Texas Association of Realtors (“TAR”) Lease Application.

However what I am seeing from the Lease Listing Agent side of things is poorly completed applications on a regular basis.

Below are a few examples of poor Texas Association of Realtors (“TAR”) Lease Applications submitted by perspective tenants.

1) Forgetting to sign the application.

2) Incorrect job description. It may just be an oversight however an incorrect job description may come across as the applicant being dishonest.

3) When the application asks for your monthly salary and you fill our your yearly salary. Make things easier for the person reviewing your application and grab a calculated or your cell phone and divide your yearly salary by 12.

4) Please ensure any copies of ID’s, Pay stubs / W2’s are legible. If possible when copying your picture ID use a color copier or scan it in color as black and white tends not to show your face very clearly.

5) Make sure the current address you supply is your current address and it is helpful if your picture ID also has this address on it.

A few Tips For Making Your Application A Success.

1) Don’t ask to make payments on the security deposit. A security deposit is asked for to ensure you have financial resources in case you breach the lease agreement.

2) Be truthful upfront about your credit. It is possible to still lease a house in Frisco TX with less than perfect credit however we need to know about it in order to be able to give you solutions.

3) Be upfront about your credit worthiness with people. We always find out. Don’t say your credit is “okay” when in fact it’s very poor.

4) The application fee is not refundable. This fee is used to do a background check and is not just pocketed by the listing agent or landlord. This is why it’s so critical that you fill your application out correctly. Do it right the first time and be upfront and HONEST about all the details!

5) In Frisco TX & surrounding areas, a Landlord or anyone a Landlord directs can enter the property WITHOUT warning, notice or permission.

6) It’s not just all about the credit score. If you have a 590 credit score but have substantial monthly income, relative to the monthly rent, then you may get approved! In contrast, if you have a 700 credit score but cannot produce financial records documenting “deposits” you probably won’t get approved.

If you need assistance with leasing a property or leasing out your current property then please contact me and i will be glad to assist you.

We are Frisco, TX home specialists. If you have any questions about real estate in Frisco, or any neighboring DFW communities, please fill out our contact form, or call 469-556-2393 for assistance.

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