Frisco TX Condo vs Townhouse: What’s The Difference?

When it comes to buying a property in Frisco, TX, townhome or condo it can be tough to distinguish between them.  At first look the definitions of each might seem the same to you.

The Definition Of A Frisco TX Townhouse Is:

  • A multi-story home similar in style to a single-family home while being a part of a multi-unit complex whose walls border neighboring units.
  • The kitchen, living room, dining room, etc. are commonly found on the bottom floor while private bedrooms are found on the top floors.
  • Townhomes can be purchased just like a single family home.
  • There usually have an HOAs (Home Owner Associations) that is responsible for the maintenance and landscaping of the common areas and sometime includes front yard maintenance and blanket insurance.
  • When you purchase a townhome you also buy the land it sits on just like with a single family residence. 
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The Definition Of A Frisco TX Condo Is:

  • Short for condominium, condos are an apartment owned by one individual within a building of other condos.
  • Condos often include HOA fees that contribute to community maintenance, amenities & blanket insurance.
  • HOAs (Home Owner Associations) are comprised of condo owners that meet together to discuss the maintenance and rules of the condominium community.
  • When you purchase a condominium you don’t purchase the land it sites on. It’s like your purchasing an apartment.

Click Here to see what Frisco TX Townhomes and Condo’s are currently available for sale.

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