Do You Want A Beautiful Frisco TX Lawn?

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If you want to maintain a beautiful and healthy lawn for your Frisco TX home then following a few simple do’s and don’ts may make a difference:

  • Make sure you water your lawn deeply. Ensue that the water reaches the desired root depth of the grass to encourage the development of deep roots.
  • Get down on your hands and knees and inspect your grass, Pull the thatch of the turf apart and dig in to the soil. You are looking to inspect the stems, leaves and sheaths for signs of insect damage, discoloration and obvious signs of disease.
  • Fertilize your grass at the beginning of its growth cycle, which is sprint for warm season species.
  • Makes sure your mower blades are sharpened each season. Dull blades can shred and cause frayed grass blades which will discolor.
  • Recycle your grass clippings to reduce water loss, lower soil temperatures, and return nutrients to the soil.


  • Don’t water you lawn with light, frequent watering as water only reaches the shallow rooted grass and you lawn with become more susceptible to disease, drought and insect damage.
  • Don’t cut your grass in wet or damn conditions. The clipping with clump together and cause brown spots.
  • Only mow your lawn when it needs it. Don’t pick a day of the week and mow on that schedule regardless of weather it needs cutting or not.

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