An Effective Rental Checklist for Landlords and Tenants!

Using a rental checklist is an effective way to  extinguish future disputes about damages

To extinguish disputes in the future, a smart tenant would record the condition of the house before transferring. For each property, make a rental checklist with complete notes. Talk to your landlord and encourage him on finalizing the checklist together. Make sure to take photos of each room or appliance, take nearby pictures on anything damaged or questionable. Right after you’ve finalized the inspection checklist, submit a copy to the landlord and keep the original for comparison once you move out.


External Part of the Rental Property

Make sure that before you move in, take note of those existing damages to the external part of the property so that you will not held responsible for it. Begin with the main door, doorbell or knocker, locks, light fixtures and entryway. Examine the patio, terrace, garage door, mailbox and stairs, if any. You may also inspect other external parts like hot tub or rock wall.


Living Space

Make sure to examine the common living areas like living rooms, bedrooms and dining room. Verify the condition of the doors, walls and floors, including carpet. Inspect the windows as well, including screens, curtain rods or blinds and locking mechanisms. Don’t forget to also check the light fixtures, electrical fixtures and closet doors. Check the fireplace as well. If the house is well furnished, document any furniture conditions.


Inspection of Bathrooms and Kitchen

When examining the kitchen and the bathroom, it includes lots of fixtures and appliances so make sure to give extra time. See to it that you add detailed notes for each room’s distinctive features. Inspect the cooking range, oven, refrigerator, microwave, sink, disposal, counter tops and cabinets in the kitchen. Examine the sink, toilet, towel rods, bathtub, shower and vanity in the bathroom. Attentively document the condition of the caulking around sinks, tubs and toilets in the bathroom. Record any proof of previous water damage on the walls or floor.


Inspection of Utility Room or Basement

Give an extra time to check the condition of the appliances in the basement or utility room, including the most expensive appliances. You might end up replacing those. Document the condition of the washer and dryer, water heater and furnace. This will also be a great time to create notes about the smoke detectors surrounding the rental home.

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