A Smooth Move Is All In The Planning In Frisco, TX

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Once your offer has been accepted and your loan approved, it’s time to start planning the move to your new home. There are many tasks that have to be completed and to help you prepare for these challenges I have broken things down, making the process smoother for you and your family.

Selecting A Moving Company

Make sure you get all estimates in writing. If you are moving less then 50 miles your estimate will usually be based on an hourly rate. If you are moving long distance it will be calculated on mileage and the weight of the load. It may be worth purchasing full value protection for your belongings.

30 Days Before Your Move

  • Sort out what you are going to take with you.
  • Decide if you are going to self pack or let the movers do it for you.
  • Obtain packing cartons from the mover that you are going to pack yourself.
  • Notify the post office of your new address.
  • Find your dental and medical records for the whole family
  • Let you schools know you are moving and arrange for transcripts to be forwarded to new school

Two Weeks Before Your Move

  • Start packing things that you don’t often use. Pack a little at a time and don’t leave it until you only have two days left!
  • Return borrowed items such as library books and retrieve any items borrowed from you.
  • Arrange for disconnection / connection of utilities or use a Utility Concierge company to do it for you.
  • Arrange for cleaning service for house and carpets.
  • Develop a floor plan so you can show the movers where you want things to be placed.

One Week Before Your Move

  • Dismantle any outdoor equipment or gym equipment.
  • Transfer content of safe or bank safety deposit account.
  • Pack item that you want to move yourself and clearly mark with DO NOT MOVE.

Moving Day

  • Strip bed, but leave fitted sheet on the mattresses.
  • Be present to answer any of the movers questions.
  • Accompany movers through the house for a inventory of things moved.
  • Confirm the destination address, dates and times with the movers.
  • Close all windows, turn out lights and lock the doors.
  • Make sure your realtor or the title company as keys, gas fire key, community pool keys and any garage door or gate remotes.

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